Nuru massage is perhaps one of the most controversial forms of massage in this modern day and age. No one is sure when the Nuru massage was practiced at first but there have been various instances recorded of Geishas performing this ritualistic massage.

The Nuru massage has its origins in Japan.

The Nuru gel which is what the massage is named after is made from seaweed. The gel is a jelly like substance with no color or smell.

The Nuru massage is not practiced widely and is only practiced at select massage parlors. Due to the controversial nature of the Nuru massage, the massage is banned in quite a lot of places. However, it is practiced in select places in Japan, Thailand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and some European countries.
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This massage is fairly erotic and requires a lot of inhibition from both the client and masseuse.

What happens basically, the masseuse applying the Nuru gel on the client and using their body weight to apply pressure on the client’s body. The masseuse applies the gel on their own body as well so there is the maximum application of the Nuru gel.

The client and masseuse may be nude or wear latex based undergarments; it is up to them about what they are comfortable with. The masseuse may rub their bodies against the client’s body. The friction this causes is said to awaken the client’s tactile senses and help them relax.

It is widely known that human contact is very important for people. And this day and age of technology, people are very distant from one another which has lead to reduced human contact.

This highlights the importance of the Nuru massage as it requires a lot of human to human contact. There is a lot of research which supports the findings that physical contact is very good for people in terms of relaxing them.

The Nuru gel it is totally free of any chemicals and it totally natural. This massage uses no essential oils or carrier oils of any sort; the massage exclusively uses the Nuru gel hence earning its name.

The Nuru massage is definitely an erotic experience which has relaxing qualities due to the Nuru gel which has certain vitamins and minerals which encourage relaxation.

Currently, there is no certification for these particular massage practitioners and a lot of massage parlors in the UK call the masseuse who performs the Nuru massage as ‘models’.

Thus it is always recommended to ensure the place and person you are booking your Nuru massage from has some knowledge on it. Otherwise, you may end up receiving a basic back rub.
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