After few months of tweaking the project and facing many technical challenges, we’re finally proud to release the first version of MassageNextDoor. We aim to come up with a set of new online features and opportunities for massage clients and providers.

What’s the point?

The point is to gather the best alternative massage therapists in London and offer them a great platform to connect with their clients. We want to create a healthy environment where clients and massage professionals on the other side can benefit from each other. We came up with this platform idea after we did some research and found out that a lot of clients are not 100% happy with the online market, and they look for more.

So we’ve first put together a survey who got answered by over 500 people.

And we found out that:

  • 62% of respondents are visiting massage providers 1-2 times a month, 26% are doing it 2-3 times a year, and 12% are weekly customers.
  • 86% are visiting the same massage provider more than once. 13% are not sure, while 1% are one time customers.
  • 46% of respondents are using forums when searching for massage providers, 33% are using classifieds, and only 14% are using directories(which brought us a big question mark, why?). Only 7% are using recommendations, newspapers and social media.
  • 39% of respondents are saying ads are quite accurate, but sometimes the massage received is different from the one described. 33% of the respondents are happy with the ads accuracy, while 25% are saying the ads are not accurate and the masseuses are rarely the ones from the photos. And 3% responded that the service is very poor.
  • We asked what features do you think a massage related website should have?(multiple choices) And there’s what we got:
    1. 60.82% Verified profiles.
    2. 51.24% Messaging system between client and provider
    3. 44.33% Online booking feature.
    4. 41.24% The option to review and comment the provider.
    5. 17.53% A forum.
    6. 8.25% Online upfront payment for the massage session.
  • For the question “How important is the distance between you and the massage provider.”
    69% consider distance is very important
    31% are not considering distance important at all.

So, what’s new?

We’re willing to change the game, improve the industry, and that’s why we’re listening to your thoughts and came up with a new set of features to meet your expectations. So we developed:

Verified profiles – The massage providers will be asked to verify their profiles. For the verified ones, there will be a badge showing on the thumbnail image and over the cover photo. This way we make sure profiles are accurate.

Internal messaging system – as a client you can now send messages through MND to any masseuse. However, we limited sending messages feature for provider accounts, in order to avoid any kind of spam. So they are only able to reply to the received messages.

Reviews – as a client, you have the opportunity to review the provider and the session. At the moment we have 4 value points that are defining a profile rank.

  1. The quality of massage – Is the masseuse skilled? Is she using proper massage products?
  2. Cleanness – Is the massage location clean?
  3. Friendliness – How friendly is the masseuse?
  4. Would you recommend? – This is a choice kind of review, where you have two options, Yes or No.

A map with providers locations – we built a map so you can find out who’s near you easily, and how far they are from you. However, locations are sometimes approximate as providers are not willing to publish the exact locations of the massage studios.

There are more to come. We aim to the end of 2017 to come up with some more important features.

What’s in for us?

We are a bunch of folks with over 6 years of handling successful online businesses and in the massage industry. Our goal to do better what’s already out there, to improve the service, clear misconceptions and make everyone happy.

At the moment what we do is pro-bono, we’re only focusing on having a decent product which is growing. We’re not having any plans of charging anything for listing profiles in the next couple of months. After that, we’ll probably handle a monthly settlement so we can develop more rapidly.

This website is built based on people will and ideas, and it’s going to stay like this forever. We’re never going to lose the balance of business ethics, nor give more importance to any party.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope you’ll enjoy using MassageNextDoor.

Kind regards,

The Team.

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