tantric massageWith a warm, quiet place, a bottle of oil, and your masseuse’s magical hands, and body. Spreading pleasure over every inch of your body. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and give yourself up to the pleasure. Many say that tantric massage is unforgettable and even addictive, probably the main reason why it establishes long treatment relationships with their clients.

Refill your body’s energy with Tantric Massage.

The erotic tantra massage is a very energetic whole body massage, focussed in the sacral chakra is brought into strong vibrations and distributed over the entire body. Offering a complete and balanced relaxation or a whole body orgasm, this type of massage can be used in sex therapy.

It is proved that the Tantric massage is able to reduce physical and emotional blockages after negative sexual experiences and return to a fulfilled sex life. Just the same, tantra massage helps with erection and potency problems. A prostate massage even helps prevent prostate cancer and other medical benefits also.

An important component of a tantra massage is the energy build-up throughout the body. A climax is beside the point but may occur. A tantra massage without climax can be more intense and be more moving, as the increased sexual energy stays within the body. Extrasensory perception can occur this way.

The whole body experience can often be felt for days if not for weeks. It is a special combination of massage, sexual energy, and spirituality. Tantra practices such as massage shall be tried at least once in a lifetime!

Important: To prevent misunderstandings, we explicitly point out that tantra massages are no hidden invitation for sexual acts. Nor are such intended by MND! Intercourse is completely out of the question!

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